Today is the day it all starts.

After years of thought and preparation, today is the day it all starts.

We quit our jobs and are leaving the comfort and security we have build here in our community of Boulder and Louisville. Now the adventurers and fun begin. With Katie at my side we can overcome any obstacle that may come in our path, and have fun doing it. I hope to write and capture many of our stories, so stay tuned.

Our trips starts with us visiting our good friends Sarah and Anzgar in Oahu, Hawaii. We also hope to see my uncle Mark and some others as we tour the island for 12 days. I feel some Mandarin lessons will be in order, because as we reminisce about getting married in HI 5 years ago, our adventure to China is rapidly approaching.

On the 22nd of Jan. we flight to China arriving on the 23rd. English First (EF), the company that we will be working for will pick us up at the airport and then our fun in Shanghai will begin. EF has lots of structure and support to help us with our transition. Once we know exactly were we will be teaching in Shanghai, we will start apartment hunting in that neighborhood. After two weeks of orientation we will begin teaching. This seems like a long way off, yet it’s rapidly approaching….. but first Hawaii!

Thank you, to all of our great friends. The overwhelming amount of generosity and support you have given us humbles us. We promise to have enough fun for everyone!

Today is the day it all starts!

Zane and Katie

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3 Responses to Today is the day it all starts.

  1. Beth Wilberger says:

    Have a great time!!! We will live vicariously through your travel adventures and experiences. We will miss you guys dearly. Look forward to getting your posts.

    Rob, Beth and the boys

  2. Leah says:

    We are so excited to follow your journey. You both will be in our prayers! Have fun, be safe and take lots of pictures!!

  3. Susan Lazdins says:

    Zane and Katie: excited about the next 2 years for you both!!! Re Uncle Mark: he will be coming to the mainland [California] tomorrow….so call him today! 760-219-1156 Aunt Suzi

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