Flights Books! Cars Sold! Visas in Hand!

Finally!  We have our flights booked for Jan. 10th to Hawaii, which is our 5th wedding anniversary.  We will head back to the beach we got married on and to the same sushi restaurant we first ate at as a married couple.  After 2 weeks of paradise we will then head to Shanghai on Jan. 22nd, which is the 8th year anniversary of the day we meet.  Do you believe in fate, because we do?

We sold both of our cars to friends, thank you Chris and Kort!  This makes it an easy transition to keep one car until the day before we leave.  We have been unemployed for 4 days and it has been filled with shopping, packing, purging and TCB’n.  In other words tying up all loose ends.   Zane got some sweet shoes!

We officially have our Z-visas for our entry into China.  This has been lots of paperwork and waiting.  We are happy to finally have them in our possession.  Once we arrive in Shanghai on Jan. 23rd we will have a week of orientation, searching for an apartment, setting up a bank account and adjusting to a new life.  Jan. 31st is our teacher induction date at our teaching centers.

We will check in once we are in Hawaii!  Until then.

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1 Response to Flights Books! Cars Sold! Visas in Hand!

  1. Leah says:

    We’ll miss you both.

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