Random Funnies

Traveling is so much about the stories brought back home to share and to reflect on throughout your life. Mixtures of good and bad experiences make our stories but the funny ones stick to the memory with a bit more glue.   Gathered along the way, here are some of our favorite funnies for your enjoyment.

What is in our room?

-A loud screech in the middle of night pops us out of bed and into a frantic search for some unknown bird, bug, or reptile in our room. The culprit was a huge gecko lizard (about a foot in length) attempting a mating call behind our curtains. The brave Zane took a plastic bag, while I stood in the background with the curtain rod, grab it on the first attempt and threw it outside.

-A rustling sound in our backpack just before we drifted into sleep on the Annapura Trek jumped us out of bed to find a couple little mice trying their best to get into our beloved bag of yak cheese.

-Slowly coming out of slumber on our first sunny morning in Bangkok we are enjoying some chirping birds until we realized the little bird made its way into our room. Putting my head under the sheets in panic, Zane saved the alarmed bird and panicked wife by finding an open window.

-Biggest spider EVER that was mating (or killing) another spider and Zane had to check the bathroom for a week for Katie’s safety against any spiders.

-We can’t leave out the unforgettable story of us about to sleep in a bed with a colony of large black ants that infested the mattress. The memory of this one gives me the heeby-geebies.

Who needs a bathroom?


Peruvian women

-Traditionally dress women in Peru and Bolivia wear large skirts and we later witnessed it is so they can pee anywhere in public.

-In China we experienced kids pooping on the sidewalk, peeing in the corner of mall hallways and even in the elevator in our apartment one day.

-Did you know that most Asian children don’t where diapers? They have a split in their pants so you can see their little butts and then they simply go in a park or over a garbage can.

-But……we each had a bird poop on us and we hear this is good luck. So that’s something.


Turkish local

Turkish local

-Hiking in Turkey we stopped to talk to an old local couple selling some weaved items. After learning we were from the states they ran inside and come back with 2 dried apricots, one is light colored and the other is darker in color. The old man points to the lighter colored one and says ‘Clinton’ and then the old woman points to the darker on and says ‘Obama’!

-Hanging out on the main pier on Waikiki beach listening to a local play his drums a group of 3 young girls joined the crowd. They had one random manikin arm with them. They take turns scratching each other’s back with it and playing the man’s drums. They were thoroughly entertained as were we.

-The reactions from local people, especially in Asia, were an added bonus to burning some calories on our jogs. Many times people will yell ‘Exercise!’ at us and give us thumbs up. Once we stopped at our half waypoint to do some squats and lunges. Turning around, we see a local man and his son mimicking our exact moves and doing the squats. They smiled and cheered us along on our way back.

-While teaching in China Zane as asked one day during class what a ‘trainer’ was. Not quite sure what they were asking he starts explaining what a trainer bra is. As the conversation continued he realized they were talking about the Brits term for running shoes.

-In Indian and Nepal parents put black eyeliner on their infants and toddlers to help prevent eye-infections paired with other spiritual reasons.

-After the stories of women throwing up on buses in Asia shared in earlier posts unfortunately Zane had his turn. It was hot, on a windy road, and inevitable but not as graceful as plastic bag was not the recipient of the vomit.

-We were told from a local in Santorini that in off-season there are only dogs, cats and Chinese people to be seen on the island.

-Getting off the ferry in Greece we instantly saw 10 cats sitting on 3 motorcycles and in the same day saw a cat on a leash.

-On an island outside of Shanghai we couldn’t communicate with anyone and needed to get a ride back to the dock to catch our ferry. Zane’s drawing skills came in handy as he drew a taxi, arrows, boat and water. The hotel owner excitedly called us a cab.

-On a winery tour and tasting the Chinese women drank tea and were covered from head to toe in what looked like a beekeeper suit in hope that not a drop of sun would hit their skin.

We are thankful for all who have followed our blog and thankful for the laughter we hope this post brings!

Thai Thanksgiving

Thai Thanksgiving

Our Thai Thanksgiving with seafood last year was mighty fun but we are thankful to be back in Colorado eating turkey and ham this Thursday with family and friend. Wishing you all a great Thanksgiving!

We have more to share about our travel tips and budget tricks. Time has gotten away from us but there will be more to come, we promise!

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  1. Leslie Jacobs says:

    Thanks for sharing again! Love mom

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  2. leah burck says:

    Love it!

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