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Two Months Deep

Two months, two jobs, one apartment, and a hand full of life long memories already banked.  We made it past our probation period!  EF likes us, even though we barely decided not to quit.  Now we have to give a … Continue reading

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Greetings from Shanghai!  It is a cozy rainy day here on our day off.  We enjoyed an big American breakfast at a restaurant called Mr. Pancake this morning.  It was amazing!  We meet some other English teachers at breakfast who … Continue reading

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Shanghai Basics

Shanghai is very convenient and simple to get around.  Taxis are only a couple of bucks, a metro ride is only 50 cents and Zane now started taking the bus to work which is only about 30 cents a ride.  … Continue reading

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First Month Down

We recently hit the one month mark of living in China.  It was a tough one last week and Zane kept saying ‘It has to get better, doesn’t it?’  We still don’t have internet at our apartment which has been frustrating to not be … Continue reading

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