Travel Tips

Travel Tips and Lessons Learned

Here are our 3 top travel tips for traveling aboard.  They may seem simple and silly but they are for real.

  1. Don’t get run over – The driving habits in other countries are not like the states as they are crazy.  Seriously, don’t get run over, look both ways and be cautious.
  2. Travel during shoulder season – Shoulder season is the month before or after high season.  There are so many less people during this time and you can get discounts.  You do risk weather at times but is has always worked out in our favor.
  3. Better safe then robbed – We have never felt unsafe anywhere we have traveled but we are still on guard with our personal belongings.  Use safety boxes if they are provided in your hotels, if you have a daypack always have a small lock on it and if you leave it at your feet wrap it around you foot or the table leg.  Do it every time as the one time you let your guard down, your stuff can be gone.

We have SO many more travel tips to share that we have been collecting.  After one year of travel we will finally be ready to travel for a year!  Constant learning and often saying ‘that would have been better if we did ……..’.

Coming soon…..more travel tips and stories of our lessons learned.

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