2 months home

This blog was intended to be our 1-month update of being home and transitioning but has now turned into our 2-month update.  That procrastination pretty much sums up being back. Falling into routine, having a million things to do on one of the many ‘to do’ lists Katie makes, getting settled into our house, job hunting and more travels has made time fly by.  Time truly went much slower when we were on the road and discovered that long-term travel can slow your life down, significantly.

After being home for only 3 short weeks, getting on a plane was the last thing we wanted to do.  BUT…..landing in California in the humid air, seeing family and getting in some beach time of course made it all worth it.  In early August we spent a few days in the Orange County area for our nephew’s 5th birthday celebrated with an all day beach day topped off with hot dogs and s’mores over the campfire while people biked by on their cruisers and surfboards…..quintessential California.

Ferry to Catalina

Ferry to Catalina

Many times along our travels, places would remind Zane of Catalina Island off of the coast of Newport Beach (the town we first met in!) and finally we were able to visit this special place together.  After an hour ferry we spent the afternoon snorkeling in Lovers Cove while Zane feed the fish frozen peas and Katie swam away as the ugly bass nibbled at her toes.  People watching and salty water taffy eating topped off this adventure.

Zane fishing

Zane fishing at Coney Lake

Trailhead to Coney

Trailhead to Coney Lake

Getting one camping trip in before the summers end was a priority after we splurged on our new camping sleeping mats.  We hiked to Coney Lakes off the Peak-to-Peak highway for some fly fishing and camping.  The drive to the trailhead proved to be challenging with first being in awe of the damage done along Lefthand Canyon from the massive flooding last summer.  Then the road to the trail head was made for 4×4 vehicles and the guys decided to push Zane’s new vehicle to the limit making it about 1 mile and deciding to hike the remainder as Katie was having a panic attack.   Blessed with great weather and cursed with the large mosquitoes we had a great time.  Topped off with a fire to cook the freshly caught fish was amazing.

Making our town home feel like home again was overwhelming and then turned really enjoyable.  After countless trips to Target and Home Depot, furniture shopping and Katie discovering Amazon Prime, we are now trying to cut the spending cord and get back on the frugal wagon.  Holding on to a couple old chairs and end tables, we discovered a new hobby of ours, refinishing furniture.  Making a great team, Zane sands until he has calluses to prepare the pieces for Katie to paint.  Lovely matching red chairs for our dining room table are the favorite new additions.

Labor Day weekend we spent in Missoula, Montana visiting Zane’s dad and family.  Meeting friends of Zane’s he had not seen in 12 years was a special treat.  Attempting to hike Lolo peak of 9,100 ft. was cut short with sleet, wind and then snow!  Snow in August…..it was crazy but a beautiful hike with bright green moss on newly burnt trees along with amazing company.  Doing the Missoula thing, we visited multiple breweries and the new distillery in town and of course had to have famous huckleberry ice cream.  The trip wouldn’t be complete unless Zane got at least one afternoon at his favorite disc golf course.

Hike to Lolo Peak

Hike to Lolo Peak

The matching white cars are running good after a check up and spending way too much money to title, register and plate them.  Knowing all these cost would exist still doesn’t make the reality of the cost of American living easy to swallow first coming home.  Once we share more about our saving, budgeting, and tracked spending we will share the amount suggested to have to re-enter into life back home.

Zane turned the big 35 last week! Spending time in the newly renovated Union Station area of Denver and checking out the MANY new breweries in the area made us feel like we were back on the road. The fun continued with a Rockies game with Zane’s mom and then a visit from Katie’s brother, Ben, where he treated us to wonderful dinners and wine.

A favorite running trail in Boulder

A favorite running trail in Boulder

Trail running for Katie and disc golf for Zane remain our daily favorites to being home in the beautiful state of Colorado.  Always knowing we loved this area, our little community of Louisville continues to become dearer to our hearts everyday.  On our Saturday morning runs around Harper Lake there is a group of older gentlemen in their waders sailing remote-controlled sailboats. It’s quite a unique sight and now we look forward to seeing them each week. Bike rides to our local farmers market, dinner at the mayor’s house, Red Rocks concerts and simple evenings on our back porch makes home feel pretty darn good.   Labor Day weekend also marked 10 years from when Katie first moved to Colorado.  Cheers to adventures and memories past and to more to come!

Upcoming blog post…..random funnies from our travels.  You will enjoy some giggles.  Stay tuned.

More pictures from our summer back in CO!

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