Nepal’s food is heavily influenced by India because there are many Indians in the country and they have a semi-open boarder between the two countries.  The majority of Nepali people are vegetarians because of religious reasons.  Most Nepali people mix there food together and eat with there hands.  In their opinion, it makes it taste better.  Their national/staple dish is Dal Bhat .

Dal Bhat 

Nepal is famous for their Dal Bhat set, especially if you are trekking.  Dal, in Nepal is a lentil soup and bhat means rice.  Every kitchen in Nepal will serve you a slightly different version of dal bhat when ordered.  The only thing the same is the bhat.


The dal soup has different consistency, different spices, and lentils from each place it is made.  In addition to the dal and bhat there is usually some type of vegetable curry and pickle provided with the set, and if you are lucky you will get a papad (small crispy tortilla shell made of rice or chickpea flour).  As with the dal, the curry is very different from place to place and the word pickle has a completely different meaning.  Pickle is any type of spicy preserved veg they have on hand.  This adds a pop of flavor and is used as a condiment in the Dal Bhat set.  One of the their favorite vegetables to use in the curry and pickle is bitter gourd.  This is a small squash about zucchini size (but looks completely different) and as the name suggests it is very, very bitter.  It took some time to get used to but I eventually grew to love this veg.  One of the selling points to the Dal Bhat set when trekking is that the plate is refillable.  After you are finished with your first plate they will come and refill it one to two more times for you.  This is high value after you have been trekking for 6 or more hours.


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