It seems like a daunting task to pack for a year of traveling but it is much simpler than it needs to be.  Our backpacks weight started at 25kg each but after 2 months in we were down to about 25kg together.  Everyone seems to over pack and it is just not necessary.  Leaving little piles of clothing behind at each place the first month, downsizing Katie’s backpack in Nepal and mailing a package home simplified our life even more.

If you bring everything you need then you can never shop at local markets, which is part of the fun.  A misconception is that you can only buy what you need at home.  Guess what?  They sell everything you need in other parts of the world and it is cheaper!  Of course it is not the same quality but you trash what you wear while you travel anyway so it doesn’t matter.

Packing Tips:

  • Don’t bring items you are attached to as they might get lost or left behind
  • Toiletries and medicine – purchase on the road and only start with minimal basics
  • Mail items home or have items mailed to your
  • Don’t pack for all seasons or scenarios as you will over pack

Packing list:
Coming soon…..

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