In the States BBQ has a different meaning than in Thailand.  In Thailand, barbecue is anything that comes off the grill.  In Krabi, the streets smell like roasted chicken during lunchtime, as there are street carts all over the place grilling chicken legs, sausages, whole fish, kebabs, corn and more.  At a buck to two bucks per item it is a cheap and delicious lunch.

A traditional local breakfast is always something you should try in another country, as it is a far reach from anything we would have for breakfast in the states.  In Thailand, a noodle soup with pork or fish balls is what many locals start their day with.  These soups can be made with a stock of pork, chicken, beef, or fish accompanied with rice noodles.  In the soup there are bean sprouts, basil, and your choice protein (usually pork, beef, or fish) and the balls.  The best places make there own balls out of pork and/or fish with a secret recipe that has been handed down through multiple generations.  Our favorite place in Bangkok was packed every morning and would serve crispy pieces of fried pork rind on top to finish this amazing local breakfast.  As with other breakfast staples we have found in South East Asia this soup is commonly eaten for lunch and dinner as well.

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