Eating Healthy

Eating Healthy Tips

  • Eat salads a couple times a week
  • Buy local fruits and vegetables
  • Carry peanut butter with you
  • Snack on nuts, dried fruit instead of candy bars and chips
  • Limit beer/carb consumption
  • Take vitamins

If you are traveling on a budget the cheapest and easiest thing to get your hands on are carbs but then you feel awful most of the time.  There are fruit markets everywhere we have traveled.  Tropical fruits are so cheap in Asia then simple bananas and apples everywhere else were on the top of our list to consistently buy.  A common travel tip out there is to not eat salads in other countries because you can get sick if the vegetables are not properly washed but we very much disagree.  There are plenty of touristy restaurants that will serve great salads or you can buy the vegetables yourself to properly clean and prepare.

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