Reflecting on 2 Years Home

Today marks 2 years of being home from our epic ‘Round The World’ (RTW) trip.  As we scroll through our entire blog in 20 mins to recapture all those memories, it feels like another lifetime.  It truly was amazing and unforgettable.  Being in our mid-30’s, we often talk about how we have lived full lives and will always cherish our year of early ‘retirement’.

Our house is littered with pictures and mementos from the trip to keep it fresh in our minds and randomly share memories together.  Our beloved world map is often gazed at but we love where we are now.

Back in our little town of Louisville near the mountains we truly are home.  Within the last year we both made career moves that fit us well.  Katie commutes to Denver and Zane to Boulder.  Katie, as always, is planning for the future and tries to control most everything.  But we try to slow down our busy lives, keep things simple and enjoy.

Since our time home we have met many people inspired by our story and trip.  We always encourage people to travel, get outside your comfort zone and experience another culture.  It takes time and commitment to do it.  If it is a goal of yours, do it!  We are always here to encourage and give advice.  As we commonly hear, it is about the journey and not the destination, enjoy the entire ride.

Hugs from the Strands!  Cheers!

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