Countless times we heard “You two are so lucky to travel”. This trip has nothing to do with luck. This was a thoughtful decision and goal that was fulfilled. Lucky are we to have been born in America, be native English speakers, opportunity for education and decent careers at our fingertips and to come from supportive families. With these tools one can do almost anything.

We chose to work multiple jobs, buy a smaller house and older cars to save money for this trip. We chose to then quit our jobs, rent out our townhome, sell our belongings, pack up and head aboard. So can anyone else, if they choose to.

Once the choice is made the preparation can begin. Preparation for a trip like this can be overwhelming. The first steps are deciding a general travel route, amount of time to travel and then saving the proper amount of money.   Then come the tasks of quitting jobs, selling cars, storing belongings and packing up.

We have shared details in the drop-down menu of saving money, packing and final details. More information will be added soon!

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