Greetings from Shanghai!  It is a cozy rainy day here on our day off.  We enjoyed an big American breakfast at a restaurant called Mr. Pancake this morning.  It was amazing!  We meet some other English teachers at breakfast who are from Ohio and moved here with their 2 young boys.  Who says you can’t travel or move to another country when you have kids!  That is what is cool about here is that we never know who we are going to meet we go out especially in a western restaurant.

We have proper internet now so we can access FB and post pictures!  I have posted some below as promised.  There are no more fireworks at all times of the day since the holiday is over, we have our proper visas in place with our passports back in hand, the weather is slowing getting nicer as Spring arrives and we can keep in better touch and watch movies now that our internet is set up.  Things are looking up!  Enjoy the pics.

Street Food!
china 055china 080

Oriental pearl tower in the financial district.  This is where Zane works.  Graffiti on our art walk through the art warehouse district.
china 2 050china 2 078

Silliness!  Zane singing away at KTV!
china 2 058KTV 007

Our apartment and new drying system.  There are no clothes dryers here.china 2 084china 2 087

Hanging out in Shanghai parks.  We don’t know Chinese so we don’t know if we were following the rules or not!
china 118china 119

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4 Responses to Pictures

  1. Jeather Carleton says:

    Pictures!!! You two look great! And in true Katie and Zane style are having a good time wherever you are and whatever you’re doing! Love and miss you both!!

  2. Leah says:

    Glad to see some pictures. Must feel good to get conected from your apartment.

  3. leslie jacobs says:

    wow that bed looks comfortable. and I like the world map. It must be cold there at times.
    love seeing you two.
    love mom

  4. Leslie Jacobs says:

    Hi zane and katie, please add richard to your email list. His new email at the army is thanks love mom

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