The Last Day

I love last days!  Each one has a different feel caused by a cocktail of emotions.  I remember the last days from different schools, jobs, and vacations.  These days are filled with elated happiness, haunting sorrow, tinges of regret, pride of completion, disorientation, and the excitement and anticipation for the future.

Each end is special because of what you’ve done and what you’re leaving behind, but it’s also the start of a new beginning.  There have been many starts and ends leading to this last day and it’s nearly impossible to describe the since of joy and adventure that is coursing through my body.  Consciously enjoying each experience leading to this end, I’m so happy for the next step.  This last day is the start of the second greatest adventure of my life; the first being the marriage to my lovely wife.  Traveling the world together has been our goal for such a long time and this last day is the realization of that dream.

Today is our last day of work, tomorrow our first day of retirement.  Cheers to last days and new beginnings and everything that comes with them!



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3 Responses to The Last Day

  1. Leslie Jacobs says:

    I could not agree more about last days.. So well put. One reason I liked travel nursing so much.
    Love you guy mom

  2. Heather Carleton says:

    Hooray!!!! I hope your weekend was fabulous and that you are already off to a great start with your next adventure! Miss you both! Love, Heather

  3. Thats funny! But thanks again because of this post

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