Change in Our Path

We have made a big decision that will be changing the path in our journey.  Last week we put in our 2-month notice at EF, which means we will be leaving China 6 months early.  The job, the city hasn’t been a right fit for us.  Since our travels have been our true goal we have decided to just get started doing what it is we really want to be doing. We will be done working by mid-July, then have a couple weeks to travel in China and then start our round the world travels in August.

We are about to purchase our flights for the first leg of our trip.   We wanted to share our general path for the first six months as people have been asking.   We will spend August to the beginning of January in Southeast Asia.  We will start by flying to the Philippines, staying for 3 weeks.  Then we will head to Nepal for probably a bit over a month with a quick 3-day stop in India to see the Taj Mahal.   The next 3 or so months will be overland travel between Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Malaysia, and Singapore. The beginning of 2014 we will head to New Zealand.

Beyond excited is how we feel to finally be realizing this long-term goal of ours.  The dreaming, planning and saving has been a long process.   Our China experience has been part of the adventure even though it has not been what we expected but that is the beauty, right?   Our journey was to be flexible and to embrace wherever it takes us.  We are confident this is the direction we are supposed to go.

The next 2 and half months will be filled with continued exploring of Shanghai, a hiking trip to Yellow Mountain, a week trip to Guilin and hanging with the cool group of friend we teach with.  Many of them are also only here for a bit longer as we have 8 other teachers leaving in next 2 months between both of our centers.  That should help explain the low morale and dislike of this job!  Thanks for everyone’s thoughts and support through this.   It has been a roller coaster journey and we won’t have it any other way.

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3 Responses to Change in Our Path

  1. Megan Sheehan says:

    You guys are going to have soo much fun traveling. When you make it to Thailand… be sure to get to Railay Beach in the south.. and Chang Mai in the north. Angkor Wat in Cambodia is also something to see. Rent a bike and take your time biking and hiking around the ruins.

  2. Jitka says:

    I think you guys are just way too anxious to hit the road! I don’t blame you. 🙂 It will be a great experience. When you start planning the European part of your trip, let me know when you will be in Prague. My brother is building a house and they might have an extra bedroom to have you over for a couple of nights by then. Two of my friends independently stayed with them before so they are getting quite used to it and I know they love the foreign company and showing around Prague.
    In my opinion, Prague is best in May when everything blooms and smells good, it’s not too hot but warm.
    Have fun and remember that we are all jealous here ;).

  3. pozooor says:

    You guys are just getting anxious to hit the road and that’s understandable. Let me know when you are planning the central Europe part of your trip and I’ll talk to my brother about you staying with them in Prague. Two of my friends have independently stayed with them and they enjoy the foreign company. They are building a house on the outskirts of Prague so they should have plenty of room by then. It’s like Denver – Westminster commute. And who knows, I might be there too.
    Best time for Prague is about May-June when everything is blooming and you can sit on the patios with the awesome views.

    Have fun there and enjoy every minute of it. The most challenging times make for the best memories and stories.

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