Our New Home….

Our new apartment is cute and starting to feel like home.  We are on the 14th floor of a high rise apartment building.  The building is old, the elevator is dirty but our apartment has some character with hardwood floors, French doors and a sliding bathroom door.  There is a small heater in the bedroom and one in the living room but the place stays pretty cold.  The kitchen is an ice box and we only go in there if we have too.  Zane got me the best present for Valentines Day, a heated blanket!  It has been our savior.   Our place is only one block away from Xuijaihua Park, it is our little Central Park!  On the bottom floor of our apartment is an amazing local’s food market.  It has all sorts of vegetables, fruit, eggs, a bakery, fish and…..live chickens!  Zane is excited to start shopping and cooking now that we have a pot and cutting board.  There are also a couple of stray rosters that hang out in the neighborhood.  

The first load of laundry we did, the pipe where the water drains was clogged and water ran all over the bathroom floor.  That was a great way to start the new move into our place.  Lee, the quick dry towels you got for us have come in handy and saved the day!

Our New Information:

Apartment 1403, Block 7
No. 179 Tian Ping Road
District Xuhui
Shanghai, China 200041

Katie Cell: +86 (131) 6277 6740
Zane Cell: 
+86 (131) 6277 5647

Skype ID:  katie.zane.strand
Email: katiezanestrand@gmail.com

Generally, we work from 11:30AM until 8:30PM Friday through Tuesday.  It is a 15 hour time difference from Mountain Time.  Feel free to mail us cards, drop an email or chat on Skype to say hello!

If you are mailing any packages we are going to have them sent to my school at this address. 

Xu Jia Hui EF Education First
Attention: Katie Strand
9F Charity Plaza88 Caoxi (N) Lu
Shanghai, China 200040
Phone: +86 (21) 5489 3131

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2 Responses to Our New Home….

  1. Lee Schwartz says:

    Hey guys, thought I’d share something Sam did and I did too, separately. We both added your location to our phones/iPads weather apps so we can click and see what’s happening where you are. Keep the updates coming.
    Love, Lee, Morgan and Samuel

  2. Leslie Jacobs says:

    I am glad you got the heating blanket. Keep that girl warm Zane! I am surprised that things are so sparse.. I did not know. I like the chickens running around. They must be fast to have escaped all those people. Love MOM

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