Farewell Hawaii…..Hello China

Our Hawaiian adventure has come to an end and we fly out in the morning to Shanghai.  A mix of nerves and excitement have been swirling between us.  Sunday was declared as one of our last very American days.  We woke up with hangovers from our amazing sushi /sake dinner at  the same place we ate the night of our wedding, to a late breakfast on the beach with Mismos.  Then we took naps, watched playoff football, ate cheeseburgers and fries, when to a movie while eating way too much candy and popcorn.  Can you get anymore American than that?
Waikiki 076

The other days were spent lounging at a number of beaches, snorkeling in Hanauma Bay where we swam with a sea turtle, and some boogie boarding.  Katie got a sweet new hat and sunglasses so she fit right in with all the surfer chicks on the North Shore except that they all wore thong bikini bottoms.  We ended our North Shore day with a stop at the shrimp shacks and drinking some Pacifico’s in the sunset.Waikiki 012

Waikiki 032
We experienced another local’s only hike that ended at a waterfall with a rope swing.  Cliff jumping, rope swinging and of course a back flip from Zane was in order.  It was an amazing day.
Waikiki 046
Waikiki 061
We decided to get a hotel for a couple nights (thanks to Katie using her points as always).  We thought we booked our room at the 4 star Aston Beach Hotel on Waikiki but actually were booked at the 2 star Aston Beachside Hotel, there was quite a difference and we got what we paid for!  Ah, makes for a good story….the view from our balcony was a large wall of a parking garage, good times.

We created a new page labeled ‘Pictures’.  There is a link to our web album that you can check out at any time.  Zane will post about our Hawaiian food experiences soon.  

Wish us a safe journey.  We will write next from our new home, China.
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1 Response to Farewell Hawaii…..Hello China

  1. Lee Schwartz says:

    Thinking of you two…updates are great to get. Looks like Hawaii was packed with good stuff!

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