Our History

Zane and I met seven years ago and bonded quickly over our stories and love of world travel.  We realized we had traveled to many of the same places and even stayed at the same hostels.  After only one short week together we knew we had met that special someone and our lives were about to change.  Ten months of long distance dating, a wedding proposal on top of highest peak in Boulder and a wedding in Hawaii brought us to our common goal of wanting to live abroad for a year and then travel around the world for a full year.

Once we got married and Zane went back to school our goal was that in four or five years we would be heading overseas.   We made a couple of international stops throughout the years travelling to Beijing to cheer my cousin on at the Paralympics, to Fiji for our Honeymoon and to Spain for a dear friend’s wedding.  January will mark our five year anniversary and very appropriately we will be stopping at the beach we got married at on our way to this new adventure.

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1 Response to Our History

  1. Darlene says:

    Great job with set up. We look forward to following you around the world via this blog. What an adventourous pair you are. Love, Mom

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